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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Racism in the Gay Community

As long as I can remember race has been an issue in the U.S. people lose their jobs, get paid less, and are institutionally oppressed according to their race, I suppose I was perhaps a bit naive to believe that the siege of racism stops at the LGBTQ community. What makes this particular racism in my opinion the most heinous is It's blatant use in an everyday context. Upon looking further into this subject I discover things like "No fried chicken" or "no blacks, Asians" on popular gay dating websites and apps such as Grindr and this in my opinion takes all the fun out of being gay the whole process of dating other man is about new possibilities, not closing yourself off from them. sad to say the majority of the people who are responsible for such racism in the form of rejection are white males. let's get 1 thing clear, there is a difference between rejection and racism just as there is a difference between having a preference and having a racial preference. racism is the act of marginalizing, discriminating against, or belittling someone based on unchangeable naturally occurring ethnic and physical characteristics such as skin color; rejection is when someone denies someone else the opportunity to engage in a relationship based on conflicting traits, personality, ideas, and yes preference this hardly ever involves exclusion because of race. What makes certain comments racist and others acceptable is the negativity expressed in the former. Secondly, I have reviewed many arguments and debates on this and the most common response given (usually by white gay males, no offense.) is "it's just my preference.", no one is saying your not entitled to a preference, but desiring the same thing every time is boring. What I and I assume others who write similar post are wanting is for you to examine your self and realize that this is not something you were born with but something acquired. Racism, like at least most of all others –isms that exist, is learned behavior.The origins of such a behavior is derived from the old nature v. Nurture concept, basically meaning how you were brought up and raised, what kind of influences you had. Most preferences develop in early adolescents and late teen years and carry over into adulthood.

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